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7 Self-Care Tips for Empaths and Sensitive Souls

If you take on other people's energy, feel responsible for other people's emotions, want to emotionally shut down, feel that your emotions shift with the tides of the day, or are easily depleted - please read on.

The above are just some of the symptoms that keep us from embracing the gift of our hearts - our empath ability. The world has felt overwhelming these last years. We are living in a time of tremendous shift. Most of us never stop to learn what an "empath' is because we are so busy trying to stay in the boat during rough water. So, how do we take care of ourselves, navigate the ever-changing waters of our lives, and maintain our center during these times?

Empaths have a different way of seeing and being in the world. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme. Empaths define Self in relation to other's feelings/perspectives. This gift requires that we learn: healthy boundaries – ours and others; emotional management skills; how to discern the voice of truth from the voice of our learned fears. Our challenge is self-understanding and cultivating the confidence that comes from learning to love and accept our sensitivity.

Some practices:

1. Know yourself – check in with yourself in the AM and periodically during the day to touch in on how you are fee

ling. Checking in allows you to know how you are feeling versus what you are detecting from the environment, etc.

2. Pay attention to the stories that you tell yourself – Listen to how you speak to yourself. Observe your thoughts without judgment. Do you note any patterns? Self-awareness builds personal power.

3. Hold yourselves softly – On the journey of life, we are bound to meet our shadow. It is a necessary portal to our evolution. Cultivate compassion for your perceived flaws. Forgive yourself and adapt any needed changes.

4. Declutter your physical environment - Do this as a spiritual practice. Imagine as you declutter your spaces; you are letting go of unhealthy attachments in other areas of your life. Visualize it, speak it as you go through the process, and imagine the weightlifting out of your heart and mind.

5. Nourish yourself with water and earth elements - Ground yourself in Nature. Walk barefoot on the earth. Visit the ocean, lake, or river. Soak in a sea salt bath. Water purifies and baptizes.

6. Play music that soothes or lifts your mood - Music is vibration. Empaths are sensitive to vibration. Music has the power to transport us or elevate our mood. Bask in it. Or dance to it.

7. Cultivate a spiritual practice – Spiritual practice may not be what you immediately think it is. Do something to nourish your spirit, mind, and body every day. Value your time. Spend it accordingly. Practice daily gratitude. See beauty. Play. Meditate. Pray.

You are not something to be fixed, as in too sensitive. You are Soul on a journey of self-realization. Your heart is your superpower.

Each of You is a beautiful Treasure. No need to fight for it, defend it, or explain it. You are only to embrace it and Be!

Please join us at Wild Dove on Saturday, April 16, 2022. 12:30 pm-4:30 pm EST

to learn tools and practices to cultivate your abilities and ground them – Pre-registration required. Seating is limited.

So looking forward to meeting you!


Diana Harris

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