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Speaking 'Universe'

Any soul that has undergone a “spiritual awakening” can agree that the ways in which you perceived the world beforehand have dissipated. Each event, experience, and interaction is no longer simply a coincidence. The hardships and lessons that you have endured thus far have allowed you to comprehend the meticulous preparation of each page in your chapter in the book of all existence. It becomes clear that this book is not written in English, rather it is written in Universe, a language that you suddenly speak fluently.

As somebody who is just beginning to dip my toes into a spiritual journey that has been calling me for years, I will share some experiences that you may be able to identify with, as you navigate ‘speaking universe’.

Finding Comfort in Discomfort

Awakenings can be grueling, scary, and boundless. Oftentimes, you are stripped of nearly all material possessions, relationships, emotional-will, or more. This seems cruel, but while you are at your lowest, you begin to understand what lies beyond all the conditions that previously defined you.

Despite my family’s hardships, in the grand scheme of things, I have lived an extremely privileged life that I never cease to have gratitude for. Nonetheless, in my early twenties, loneliness became the deafening norm, and anxiety and panic nearly suffocated me with every moment. I was so uncomfortable in my suffering.

Eventually I stopped trying to escape the anguish that I was feeling. I allowed myself to fully feel my misery. My loneliness became a vessel for becoming introspective. My misfortune allowed me to become so acquainted with myself that I became aware of deeper reasoning behind my suffering. Anxiety that turned thoughts and emotions into physical ailments became the very accomplice for developing intense empathy for others. My struggle with feeling too deeply,which seemed against my own agency, solidified a perspective that each individual cannot control particular aspects of their lives, they can control how they respond. In other words, acceptance of what is. Despite my struggles, I was now able to read others more easily, empathize with them, aid them, and observe the world’s events with an ethical and critical lens.

Surpassing Fear

Recognizing the intricacies of the universe and your personal role in this lifetime is often met with fears. It is natural for humans to be weary of any new experiences or perceptions that are not familiar.

As a beginner to many spiritual perspectives who has not yet mastered ways of maneuvering throughout the world as a sensitive being, I often find myself scared. I walk into a crowded room and my heart pounds at the will of others’ energies, I shudder when I glimpse a being in the corner of my eye in an empty room, and I still sometimes crumble when I find myself navigating an emotional challenge.

However, I am beginning to understand that pushing these aspects of myself away in fear does more harm than good. Learning to embrace any skills that have accompanied my awakening will ease contention in my mind and body, allowing me to live more authentically myself. By seeking mentorship, pacing my advance in this journey, and gaining skills in classes like Diana Harris’s “Are You an Empath?” workshop, I can genuinely understand myself in order to further comprehend others.

Embracing Gifts

Sometimes you just know that you are meant to do something with your life, but progressing toward this goal is tedious. They say it takes days to build a habit, and I’d argue that those first few days are the toughest.

After experiencing that first extreme low of my early twenties, I knew that there was more I was capable of than I had previously thought. It was clear to me that if one’s energy was invested correctly, a person could understand just about anything they needed to know about themselves or others. Meditation was going to be a tool I needed in order to find connection with my higher-self and to ease the symptoms of anxiety that I experience. But, those first few meditation sessions are rough. Your mind is racing, which is completely normal, but you begin to question if you will ever be able to reap the benefits of this practice that so many rave about.

Now, I join those individuals and can assure that just an ounce of consistent practice can yield so many perks. In under a month of consistent meditation, I began seeing colors in my mind's eye, literally hearing messages from my higher self, experiencing peace and stillness, and I am even beginning to see faces when I am comfortable allowing other energies to come through. These meditations are not always easy, some feel calming and others guide me to face my painful personal burdens, but I have delved deeper into my introspection and relationships with each practice.

Living Bilingual

In hindsight, I am so grateful for the catastrophe that was my twentieth year. I carry traumatic memories, but those same traumas launched me into an understanding that I am part of this beautiful network that connects and carries us. Assimilating with the divinity of the universe allows for the channeling of our gifts and healings onto all beings that are inhabiting this Earth.

As you begin to ’speak universe’, there are times that you despise the trials that are given to you, but if you are able to put faith and love into the teachings and into the fact that you exist to gain and give, it will make all the difference.

About Emma

Emma is a recent graduate from the University Of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Media Studies. Having grown up and attended school in Amesbury Massachusetts she has returned home after college and is working as a social media assistant and product photographer for Wild Dove. Emma hopes to pursue a career in public policy and utilize her spirituality and meditation practice in order to guide her to this goal.

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