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Medium, Psychic, Intuitive-Help me with the Terms!

If you have spent any time getting to know the Spiritual, metaphysical community you have certainly heard the terms medium, intuitive and psychic. Despite the terms being used commonly, many of us don’t know exactly what the differences are and what can each do for us. There is overlap with the definitions and types of services but generally they do have different meanings.

To start mediums and intuitives are both psychic (as are you by the way). They use their particular gifts in different ways. Mediums are the people who connect with the dead and give readings while connecting with your passed love ones. Usually, mediums are Evidential Mediums. This means they give concrete verifiable information about the person they are communicating with. If you are visiting a trained medium who is also a professional there is usually a defined way in which information is given and translated.

During a medium’s training they learn to develop the Clairs-meaning the particular senses that information is given through. These clairs break down this way: Clairvoyant-clear seeing, Clairaudient- hearing, Clairsentient- feeling, Claircognizant-knowing, Clairtangency- feeling through an object, Clairgustance- taste, Clairalience- smell. As you can imagine connecting with those who have passed is not like picking up the phone. The messages have to be sent and translated using these clairs and a set of symbols that the medium learns over time. For instance, they may smell a certain perfume that their mom wore, it then becomes a symbol for mothers in general. They learn that whenever they smell that smell, it means the spirit is talking about a mom. The list can go on from there. The first part of the training is to figure out which of the clairs are active for them when getting information. Then they spend time figuring out and developing their dictionary of symbols.

When mediums connect with those who have passed on, they are tuning into a certain vibration. A good simile for this is a radio station. Radio waves are constantly being sent out into the atmosphere but we can only tune in when we are listening to the proper frequency. You can’t hear a message on 103 FM if you are listening to 94 AM. Mediums learn to adjust and tune their clairs to the frequency of the afterlife.

Intuitives are also psychic, they use their intuition and the energy they feel to tune into and connect with you as a live person, as well as those who have passed, and our spiritual family. They don’t limit themselves to only practice mediumship or do psychic readings they usually do a bit of everything and their concentration is more on how the universal energy can serve those who are alive right now. Intuitives use the energy they feel to give feedback on what is happening to a person at a given time. They don’t need to be in the room with a person they are “feeling into” because energy is everywhere. Intuitives also use the clairs to translate information. When people talk about being intuitive, they are usually talking about clairsentience, an inner knowing that is hard to define. Intuitive readers, learn all the clairs and also develop methods to learn what they need to know to help you. Often intuitive readers are also intuitive healers. They use their intuition, inner knowing and understanding to help channel universal energy to you in order to facilitate healing of the body, mind and soul. Their focus isn’t on the frequency of those who have died, yet sometimes our loved ones find a way to communicate through an intuitive as well.

When someone calls themselves a psychic it means they tune into this universal energy. They can use the energy to see along your path and help you become aware of things that may come up or things to watch out for. Psychics also tune their clairs as a method of communicating with energy. Many psychics get information in the dream state. Mediums and Intuitives are psychic but not all intuitives are mediums and not all those with psychic ability are mediums. Conversely, mediums don’t always tune into living people or consider themselves healers, they may use their abilities to strictly work with those who have passed.

To sum up if you want to talk to your dear aunt that has passed and get a message from her, you should see a medium. If you are open to all the information that the universal energy has to share and you are interested in figuring out your own life and path an intuitive reader can help you. If you have a particular illness or trauma to work on an intuitive healer can help. If you want some general information about the future, a psychic can help you.

The most important information to take with you, is that you have the ability to be psychic too and you can learn the clairs and how to get intuitive/psychic information for yourself. The energy and frequencies are around us all the time and all we have to do is tune in. Set your dial and go!

We regularly have intuitive development, mediumship and other energy based learning modules at Wild Dove

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