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Soul Pathway Readings
& Healings with
Carmen Elena


During a reading, Carmen channels messages while creating a Soul Tapestry- of your "soul keys" of understanding.  Carmen has a very powerful connection to the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters, many of  whom serve on her Council of Light

Soul Pathway Session
During a Soul Pathway Session Carmen illuminates pathways to higher consciousness assisting all in stepping into their divine essence.  During the session she can assist in clearing energetic blockages both in the present and past life, opening pathways to create heart-soul alignment in living a life untethered.
Carmen's sessions are a multidimensional experience.  When divinely guided she channels Light Language which speaks directly to our soul and DNA.  Light Language has the ability to shift our energy to a higher frequency than we usually inhabit so deeper healing can occur.
For those struggling with healing matters of the hear, Carmen works alongside Ascended Master Quan Yin in the quantum heart field. The higher transmutational and higher vibrational heart energy allows clients to clear residual heart pain and live from
a higher heart space.

Soul Pathway Sessions

Sacred Sound Fusion Healing
Are you looking for an energetic "reset" to bring mind, body, soul balance and clarity or simply move out of that "stuck" feeling? 

During a sound session you will be immersed in a quantum vibrational healing field crated by a 36" cosmic gong and an orchestra of crystal and Himalayan bowls as well as other sacred healing tools. This powerful vibration will connect deeply at the cellular level of your body and assist in bringing your physical emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies into a state of divine harmonic resonance.  You may feel this a t the physical level as an energetic "reset" and clearing of all that no longer serves you. 
Please book at least 24 hours in advance


Sacred Sound Fusion Sessions

Atlantean Healing Ceremony
Using an Ancient Atlantean Healing Ceremony, Carmen connects to the natural healing and sacred teachings of the ocean.  She uses thirteen sacred instruments both gongs and bowls to harmonize the emotional body and achieve congruency.  During this process, our spiritual body of light comes into divine balance and flows back into the tides of consciousness.  Since we are comprised of nearly 60% water, this technique entrains your body into harmonic alignment with the natural biorhythms of the ocean.  The body is infused with healing light codes emitted through the vibrations of the "Sacred Thirteen". In this process, a higher vibration is achieved which allows a release of physical and emotional pain.  
Please book at least 24 hours in advance

Atlantean Healing Ceremony

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