Spiritual Mentorship with Leiza Grissino

There are many phases and ups and downs as we all travel our own spiritual journey.  Often the new information coming through seems overwhelming; as does the amount of information to digest. 

A spiritual mentor can help you sort through all the different aspects of your own awakening and steer you to classes, books and knowledge to help you blossom in your new state of awareness and growth. 

It's an exciting time but often can be confusing and you may wonder who can I talk to without seeming "weird"?  You can come have a session with me.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone walk their own path. 

I have been on my own spiritual journey for almost 30 years and have gained not only vast amounts of information but knowledge that I am happy to share with my fellow travelers. I want to empower you to believe in yourself and live your best life.

Our spiritual journeys can be fraught with many emotions and experiences. Often it helps to have someone to talk to as we sift and sort through these happenings. In my s...
Spiritual Mentorship with Leiza Grissino
1 hr