Energy Healer and Reiki Master Beate King

 The words in A Course In Miracles deeply resonated with Beate who has been a spiritual seeker all her life. ACIM brought Beate ‘full circle’ on her path, as some of the core teachings of ACIM were a reflection of Beate’s early spiritual beliefs. Some 35 years ago, feeling isolated with spiritual beliefs that nobody else seemed to share, Beate searched for truth in the mainstream spiritual arena. For 35 years she seemed to drown in an ocean of man-made dogma...Consumed by fear and guilt, the emotional diet of a spiritual person who avoids the Truth.

In her forties, Beate lived through a Dark Night of the Soul experience. A true spiritual and emotional rebirth. An intense experience that stripped Beate of ALL beliefs, emerging on the other side with a blank slate. Tabula Rasa. A maddening feeling of emptiness, that was absolutely necessary to find Truth. Numb, Beate asked to be shown Truth. A Course in Miracles was the answer.

The first lesson in A Course in Miracles: “Nothing I see...means anything.” The Course met Beate at her state of emptiness, and working through the lessons she arrived at, “Peace be to me...Peace to my brother, who is one with me...” Working through the lessons of ACIM in one year, Beate replaced fear with peace.

The second component to Beate’s healing journey is energy healing. Beate experienced her first energy healing at Earth Method, formerly knows as Giving Tree Yoga & Wellness. Yoga studio owner Suzanne Borgioli offered a healing touch at the end of one of her classes. Beate was consumed by anxiety as she waited for Suzanne to offer a healing touch to her. Beate’s anxiety completely vanished the instant she received a healing touch. This moment of peace and calmness was the catalyst for Beate’s quest to learn the art of energy healing.

Beate received all 3 levels of Usui Reiki at Giving Tree Yoga & Wellness. Beate continuously attends workshops and classes and consults with other energy workers to continue to grow as a holistic professional.

Beate’s daily readings of ACIM and a deep meditation practice birthed Heaven & Earth Energy Healing Modality. The details of Beate’s signature energy healing modality were revealed over a course of one year, always seeking confirmation as how to and when to proceed.

Beate has been offering Reiki professionally since her Attunement to the second degree Reiki in the Usui tradition (2017), and she has been teaching Reiki since her Master Level Attunement (2018). In her teaching work, Beate seeks to grow a community of Healers and maintains a relationship with all her students. Beate believes that each new Reiki practitioner will contribute to the healing of Mother Earth.

Beate continues to offer Reiki Sessions and Attuenemnts to those seeking physical and emotional healing, as well as offering Heaven & Earth Energy Healing to those seeking healing on a spiritual level. Beate anticipates to offer Attunements to Heaven & Earth Energy Healing in the Summer of 2020.