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Quantum Soul Journeys-with Leiza Grissino BQH practitioner

The Full Story

We are beyond excited to offer Beyond Quantum Healing at Wild Dove. Think of  BQH as the next step in the evolution of QHHT© the method that was developed by Delores Cannon. 

Beyond Quantum Healing is the creation of Candace Craw-Goldman the long time associate and friend of Delores Cannon.  Beyond Quantum Healing combines the best aspects of QHHT and morphs it into a completely new and exciting method  marked by flexibility, sound practice and sound methodology.

It is a tool (through hypnosis and the theta state) of past life regression and all of the quantum information that is available. Once the very active conscious mind is relaxed and the ego is not running the show we can gain access to all states of consciousness.

How do we do this? Though gentle hypnosis that is very much like a guided meditation.  The client always remains in control of their experience.

This is a powerful transformational practice and can lead you to expanded states of yourself and deeper understanding of who you are.

Sessions are comprehensive and last about 2-4  hours including a detailed interview portion to really understand who you are and what your goals and intentions for the session are.  This is exciting work for the practitioner and for the client as you will level up the experience of understanding your place in the universe.

 Message so we can figure out next steps, or go ahead and book the session!

Session cost is $333 2-4 hours including pre-interview, session, and debrief. 

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